Vox Racers



Programming Language: C#.

Engine: Unity.

Project Type: Personal Project.

Platform: PC & HOTAS.

Role: Programmer.

Team: 3 Programmers, 1 Artist, 1 Sound Engineer

Technical Features

Entity Component System

Unity’s Entity Component System was used to create dynamic and interesting voxel water allowing us to have tens of thousands of individual voxels acting as water at any one time.

Arcade Style Racing Game

The game was created to have similar game play feel to games like Crash Team Racing and Mario Cart. This meant making the driving more focused on fun than realism and having mechanics like power ups.

Non-Standard Controllers

The Game, while supporting other control schemes like mouse and keyboard or game pad, was built to be used with Hands On Throttle-And-Stick controllers (HOTAS). This was an interesting technical challenge as the game needed to be designed and developed to get the most out of these controllers and make sure the game worked well and was fun to play with them.


Vox Racers is an Arcade style racing game with a voxel style. In order to focus on maximizing the fun of faced paced racing games the game was built to be played with HOTAS ( Hands On Throttle-And-Stick) controllers which allows the player to have much more control over tight turns and allowed for precise acceleration and deceleration as well as generally making the hover vehicles more fun to control. The team that worked on the game consisted of one artist, one sound engineer and 3 programmers. I worked on much of the environment effects like the water system as well as procedural elements of the game, asset implementation, tools programming and a lot of general bug fixing.

Vox Racers started off as a game jam game though grew to being much more. The team that made it thought that it had a lot of potential so they decided to expand the team and keep working on it. That’s when i was brought on, together we decide to enter the game in Abertay University’s Dare Academy Competition. This consisted of a video pitch, an in person pitch to industry veterans, a week of hot housing where we could work on the game and get guidance and finally a trip to EGX where we could expo the game to the public and the winner would be decided. we managed to get into the competition and got through each of those stages and got to show the game of at EGX. though we didn’t win being in the final six teams was a great honour and Vox Racers was very popular with the general public which was very rewarding to see. since then the game has been work on more and hopefully in the future will be able to be released.