Project Type: Porting

Role: Senior Programmer

Team: 1 Senior Programmer, 1 Lead Programmer, 1 Senior QA


I played key role in porting Viewfinder to PS5 & PS4. For most of the project I was the sole programmer working on the PS5 version while the lead programmer on the project worked on the PS4 version. Once the PS5 port was done I also worked on the PS4 version of the game.

While working on the PS5 Port I was tasked with designing and implementing many of the PS5 Controller Features. This included designing and creating the haptic vibrations played by the controller as well as implementing other controller features.

A big part of the project involved implementing much of the platform specific functionality like serialisation, controller management, user management, platform dialogs and much more.

Another big part of my role on the project was working very closely with QA to make sure that the game met all the TRCs so that it could pass console certification.

The game was released on 18th July 2023.