Programming Language: C#

Engine: Unity

Project Type: Game Jam

Role: Lead Programmer.

Team: 2 Programmers and 1 Artist.

Technical Features

Procedural Generation

Most of the game is procedurally generated. The placement of the stations as well as the train lines are completely random so the game is different each time you play. It also randomly names the stations from a list of station names that is loaded in from a text file.


To connect up the the stations after they are generated I created a spline system to act as the tracks that the trains could follow.


Trains mission was my submission to the Grads in Games Competition “Search for a Star”. The game started out as a game jam game created at the 2018 Global Game Jam. make this game was a great experience and I really liked the game idea so me and the artist(Molly McCarthy) who also worked on it kept developing it after the jam. It soon became better then what the search for a star game I had been working on so I kept working on and it became my search for a star game. The game consists of a procedurally generated subway system that the player has to make their way through to a certain station. After search for a star me and the artist have continued to improve and polish it with the intention of possibly releasing it fully on Itch once its good enough.

Search For A Star

Global Game Jam Page

GitHub (Most Recent Version)