Sow In Debt


Programming Language: C#.

Engine: Unity.

Project Type: Game Jam.

Platform: PC.

Role: Programmer / Designer.

Team: 2 Programmers, 2 Artists


For Global Game Jam 2023 I ran a game jam site for the my company which involved first me pitching the idea to management then coordinating with the jam organising. I found running a jam site super interesting and very fun and rewarding

The game my team made was Sow In Debt, a simple arcady farming game where you had to plant crops and pull weeds before they damage those crops. there was a shop mechanic where you could sell your crops and buy more seeds and the goal was to keep your farm afloat for as long as you could.

As with all games made in 48 hours its a little rough around the edges but im very happy with what me and the team were able to accomplish and we focused a lot on game feel which i think shines through. I’m especially impressed with the end result considering i had to spend a lot of the jam organising the jam site as well and making sure everyone was doing alight.

You can take a look at the jam page and play the game here:

Sow In Debt