Hex Based Strategy Game (In Progress)


Programming Language: C#

Engine: Unity

Project Type: Personal Project

Role: Programmer & Designer

Team: 1 Programmer


I am currently building a small hex based strategy game, its in the very early stages but the idea is for it to play out similar to the board game Diplomacy where all participants plan out all the moves for their turn and then all moves happen simultaneously, the big difference to diplomacy is that when two enemy units attempt to move into the same tile rather than neither of them succeeding, the game zooms into the contested tile and that hex is subdivided into smaller hex where a battle will take place. each overworld unit will be made up of multiple units and the combat will work in the same way as the overworld movement where turns happen simultaneously but now you have the option of both move and attack for each unit.

My current plan is to develop this slowly in my free time and once I have enough of a playable prototype, show it to various friends for feedback and if people like the idea then I will hopefully be able to get a few other interested people to help out with art and additional programming/design and continue to flesh it out. The end goal would most likely be to release it as a small “pay what you want” game on itch.