Bounty Broker


Project Type: Personal Project

Role: Programmer / Designer

Team: 1 Programmer


Bounty Broker is dystopian narrative game telling the story of the player working a boring desk job in a dystopian sci-fi universe. The gameplay occurs entirely on a computer screen style interface where the player does their job by interacting with various applications. The narrative of the game would be told entirely through a “Slack” like application where they can talk to their co workers and learn about the world through conversation.

Above is the prototype for this game idea, the first video shows the booting up of the computer like interface and sets the kind of cold cooperate tone the makes up a big part of the game. You then see a basic computer interface with a few applications installed.

The second Video shows how the slack style narrative interface would work with many of slacks features replicated with fictional characters where dialogue can easily be authored by the game developer to deliver the story.

Currently this just exists in prototype form but i think it would be a very nice narrative game that id love to make in the future if i ever had the time.