About Me

Name: Eoghan Kennedy Mulvenna

Email: Venvenn@gmail.com

Phone: 07804162191

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eoghan-mulvenna/

I am games programmer currently in my fourth year of the Computer Game Applications Development at Abertay University. I have a huge passion for creating games and I have always enjoyed working with computers, programming and creating games. As a child, even before I had played any computer games, I would be constantly making up new games to play with my friends and siblings and at break time in primary school I would create games for the whole school to play. Making games has always been something I’ve loved doing and have been good at. I was also always sounded by computers growing up and was fascinated by how they worked. When I did start playing games on my dad’s desktop I remember thinking “how could they possibly animate everything the player could possibly do, that must take forever”. My curiosity about games and computers only grew and in the second year of high school we could take a “fun” module and my school offered a game development class and within the first few weeks I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life.